me July 2017

* Body-mind-consciousness healer * Self-love and awareness coach * Meditator * Yogi * Intuitive tarot reader *

I am learning to love myself. I love myself. It is so incredible that I have to share it!

My self-love journey was a bumpy ride to start with. I started off blindly, not even knowing that I didn’t love myself, not knowing what love was. I lived unconsciously for many years, driven by my thoughts, feelings, false perceptions and limiting beliefs. I judged myself, I thought I wasn’t good enough and deep inside I thought I could not be loved.

My judgements and beliefs had created a lot of stress, worries and anxieties, which in turn caused various health issues and affected my behaviours. I felt more worried. I felt scared. It was a real turning point for me when I was told by the doctors in two different countries that stress was the cause of my troubles.

In the moment of clarity I realised that stress and all my negative thoughts and feelings  were caused by the lack of self-love – by believing that I wasn’t good enough for my job and my relationship, blaming myself for doing things wrong and feeling guilty for past events. I saw how and what they were creating in my body. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard about the connection between stress and illnesses before, but this time I really felt it. I lived it. And I decided to change it.

I made a conscious choice to learn to love myself and to leave behind judgements, guilt and blame. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! I became aware of the connection between my thoughts, feelings, behaviours and my well-being. I looked deep inside myself and I saw the true causes of my fears, worries and physical issues. It wasn’t always easy or pleasant and it took courage to be completely honest with myself and to accept myself fully, but it was worth it. Things started changing. I started healing.

I’m still getting to know my body, mind and my true abilities. The journey continues and I have my ups and downs – I learn how to transform any negative energy into creativity and love. I know how my body reacts to even the slightest stress and I do my best to be aware and loving toward myself at all times – to keep my body in harmony and balance. My worries are a weak shadow of how I felt before. I feel more peaceful and more connected to my innermost being.

I’ve learnt a lot about how our mind works, how we tell ourselves stories, how we deceive ourselves and how these illusions affect our health, relationships, careers and our choices in life. I am making the unconscious conscious and letting go of anything that does not serve me – my beliefs, my judgements, my behaviours. With love and compassion. index